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Are We Brainwashed?

We live in a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world. Not because people are mad. Crime, suicide, Family Feuds ect.... these things were not always common place. There was a time when the door was left open. But that was then. The horrible truth is that entertainment has been used as a form of control to control our opinions by using advancements made by various researchers. It is well established that TV shows are not bound by the same ethical principles as psychological experiments and are therefore an exciting source of psychological data, remember the first Big Brother? was it not sold as a psychologically analytic program? never done before?

Now remember Candid Camera... no, no, no... when they first did it, when they set up factories and had people work in those factories without knowing it was a show, business as usual.. for a while anyway... then they flipped it on them and made everything go wrong so they were falling over in panic states ect... Remember there were very few that would allow their film to be shown, nobody wanted to sign the consent form. Candid Camera collected a lot of unseen film at that time and made vast advancements in the subliminal and peer pressure fields.

Candid Camera were involved in and deploying a technique that CAN overwrite or re-index our memories with the words 'I Can't Remember', these words are set back in our minds at a pre-determined time, not at the time of their insertion this is then attached by the 'feel good factor', this type of memory tripping causes people to say their last word first and their first word last and why people find it so funny when they can't remember the night before, they then feel good sometimes ecstatic in making every excuse under the sun, for why, the drink, the smoke, the late night, the hard day or the technology has destroyed our memories just as the Taylor Method suggests please read this and make sure to understand Fig 11. To read more on Taylors research and awards Click here or run Taylor method 1971 through a search engine. Time was, a man would be in disbelief he could not remember and would not accept his forgetfulness so would remember for the sake of his own sanity. Times have changed, "don't worry about it" and "that's just the way things are... get with the times" are common things that are repeated to us through our TVs again and again. They are attributed to feel good factor which causes many problems including the blocking of condusive thought.

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