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The Power Of Entertainment

The Power Of Entertainment is clear to see just look at War Of The Worlds OOOps! I think wiki got rid of this one and put one that seams to downplay the situation oh well there are PLENTY MORE, CLICK HEREIf you don't know much about it.

The Below is an extract of my yet to be completed book 'The Power of Film Television Radio & Organized Crime':

I have often heard stars like Will Smith talk about the power of television openly and the audience applaud. What is it they are applauding? Is it the fact that T.V. is in every room of a home? Well that is a major part to the power of television that there are receivers of it but this isn't the main POWER of TV. The main power of TV is more devastating than an atomic bomb. In fact I believe the power of TV is greater and more devastating than a 20 neutron atomic war head. So what is it? Would you believe the power is you, subliminal messages are aimed at your subconscious, so why? because you are the power, you are the society. I can't MAKE you believe like the subliminal on T.V., Cinemas or on a projector screen can make you believe. So what I have to say may come as unbelievable to you.

The reason why I know of the power of T.V. is because for years I have been recorded from my home and sold as somebody else as the singer with the use of the power of T.V. I have sung the lead in so many albums and Film scores, to start mentioning them now might stop you from reading this book. So I think I better try to explain how first to the best of my ability.


What is it? Well I will tell you. It is the power to over write stored data in the brains of human beings by using our belief system, unaware to our conscious mind. That's right it can and has rewrite memories. Not only can it over write memories but can also give you orders to follow for the future without you being aware.

Impossible I hear you say that has never happened to me. Well like with all man made things there are after effects. One of them is this, saying the last word first and the first word last in a sentence. Have you ever experience such a thing? I know the majority of people have said the last word first and their first word last in a sentence and most probably everybody who heard it laughs. This is a sure sign of brainwashing for copyright.

How is this possible? This is possible because we humans are recordable and have a picture memory read by our third eye. We record all the time we are alive. The trick what they have done is to deceive the third eye into reading what they have recorded by subliminal messages back in time in our memories. This recording on us is not how we would usually record events. For we are tricked into how they want us to record and the way how we are told to record is where the deceit lays. Please bear in mind that we all have seen these presentations whether you believe it (remember it) or not.

We are presented with a song which was recorded without my permission from my home. You are not told that. There is a subliminal vocal which introduces himself as a guide to the presentation, watch carefully and don't blink. Then the Actor comes on stage, that's when they cut to a prerecording. On T.F.I. Friday 17th July 1998 the whole backdrop was a wall of TV's and the way how it takes attention is that the actor is not moving his mouth while the song is playing. See I am god and I am singing (audio subliminal). We're instructed to watch his fingers then to watch his feet using blasphemous words to make us do as we're told. Using many techniques designed to put us into a receptive state. Strobe lighting, with the flash set at our brains frequency, to keep us hypnotized. The psycho never ending spiral in the background. One of which is a natural phenomenon that exists in our everyday life. Without it I doubt if man could survive on this planet. What is it? It is subliminal.

This is not a new thing. It has been around for generations but has been developed in the last century by people who want to control humans.

An example of the power I am talking about stems from the Second World War. General Montgomery, the best general on the planet at that time, who had leaded such successful campaigns that he did not lose a single life of his men until the tea party.

The tea party was the nick name the soldiers gave to an up and coming operation which General Montgomery was leading. They were so confident by General Montgomery's track record they looked at the operation to come like a tea party. They did not bank on the Germans waiting for them with machine guns shooting them out of the sky before they could land in their parachutes.

Now what is interesting to me is the fact that some months before, the German high command invited General Montgomery for an evening out in France where he was entertained. How and with what I do not know but what I demise from the films and from the testimony of his sergeant I believe he was brainwashed by subliminal messages at the entertainment he received by the German high command.

These are my reasons.

1: General Montgomery's personality changed from being quite reserved to being proud and vain. The reason General Montgomery made the film that exists of him today.

2: He set the date just after his night out and would not change it for love nor money suggesting the possibility that it was written on him to stick to that date.

3: Not a single soldier survived. They knew where and when. I believe they used subliminal and managed to program General Montgomery to stick to where and when.

4: If you see the footage of the film, when you look into General Montgomery's eyes they look fixed in a way as though he is vexed with himself.

To say that such a Great leader as General Montgomery was brainwashed is a massive statement to make. One that a lot of people would get angry about claiming that subliminal does not work and think I am trying to undermine General Montgomery which I am not. Far from it, I would say the only thing on this planet more devastating than an atomic bomb is subliminal in entertainment and it does not matter who you are from when your human it works.

War of the World

War of the World was a famous radio play that made out there was a live attack by aliens. The people listening to the play believed it as truth because of the way it was presented as though it was happening live. Those in the south packed there things and headed north. There were thousands of people all on the run from the aliens. The fact is so many people were fooled by a transmission because it claimed to be live in the field. Using sound effects, they portrayed that the aliens had not only landed but had taken cities by force.

Big Brother

Candid Camera, the original big brother.

All of the following is my memory of a presentation on HTV about Candid Camera and how it was made. Towards the end of the 60's beginning of the 70's. All information here has come from TV.

Candid Camera was set up in America after the war. Bob Monkhouse a famous comedian would have us believe Candid Camera was established in 1948. I always thought it was 1957-8 after the Film industry held an open experiment, showing subliminal to the public in Cinemas. 10 years difference.

We were told by the presenter, Candid Camera started by opening a factory and employing people to work there. They paid wages for a couple months or so then they would drop the switch. Some of it we have seen and laughed at. But there was a whole heap more who would not give permission for the incident to be broadcast.

The presenter explained they had all this film and film being very expensive at that time made use of it by showing psychologist who studied it and made advancements in peer pressure.

They showed a classic clip with a guy in an elevator full of people. The elevator did not leave that floor rather the doors kept opening and shutting on the same floor. When the guy went into the elevator, everybody faced forward as normal towards the door and so did the guy. By the time the doors closed and opened again the crowd of people had turned left so the poor guy faced left. Any way the crowd turned and faced the guy turned and faced with them in the same direction. This is an example of peer pressure.

There was another clip that should be mentioned. This involves a guy sitting at a table in a Café. There is a wooden box with a sign that says "When red light is on do not eat". He is served and is munching away then the red light comes on and you can see him stop in his tracks.

This was to illustrate the power of just signs and written instruction. This lead up to the presenter explaining about the use of subliminals. Out of sight is out of mind and first come first serve. That it is better to smile at your enemies and let them think you are friends cause then they will trust you more.

In 1957 America had a test on the American public using subliminal in the cinema.

There is no actual federal law against the use of subliminal messages in advertisements. There are some regulatory policies, however, that prevent its use on television and radio and in theaters. The policies of some industry self-regulatory boards and associations also prohibit the use of subliminal technology in broadcast, recorded and filmed productions presented to the public. State and federal courts have generally ruled against the use of subliminal advertising, though they have been less likely to award damages in such cases.

Read more: Laws Governing Subliminal Messages in Advertisements

Court Precedents In 1990, Nevada Court Justice Jerry C. Whitehead ruled in "Vance vs. Judas Priest" that the First Amendment protections of freedom of speech don't extend as far as subliminal messages. Upheld by later courts and the U.S. Supreme Court, this legal precedent established that subliminal messages are aimed not at the person's conscious mind but rather, seek to coerce individuals by speaking to the subconscious brain without the permission of the person subjected to the subliminal messages. Subliminal communication is therefore not protected and may be prohibited or restricted. Because the subconscious mind is the target, the precedent declares that neither the First Amendment's protection of speech or the press applies. National Association of Broadcasters

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) established the Code of Practices for Television Broadcasters in 1951. Broadcasters who complied were allowed to display the Seal of Good Practice to show that they subscribed to the code. In 1958, the code declared that broadcasting "any technique whereby an attempt is made to convey information to the viewer by transmitting messages below the threshold of awareness" was prohibited. Although the code was rescinded in 1983 under pressure from broadcasters, the NAB still calls subliminal advertising "impermissible" by its members, though little is being done formally to curb the use of subliminal advertising.

Read more: Laws Governing Subliminal Messages in Advertisements | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/list_6730170_laws-governing-subliminal-messages-advertisements.html#ixzz21R3Osuu2

In normal life unlike TV we see our light by reflection. If you look into the midday sun for to long it will damage your eyes. Everything we see is a memory as the light reflects of people and objects. Depending on what it is and what you're doing, will determined long store or short store memory as you see fit.

The use of subliminal in brainwashing does overwriting existing memory by using subliminal messages to control human's belief system (our memory). Candid Camera developed subliminal messages that can overwrite our stored data. As all humans record on their brains and have a picture memory, Candid Camera has found a way of making you remember all the subliminal messages without you realizing that what you remember is indeed a subliminal message.

This is done by two basic principals. Out of site is out of mind and first come first serve. They also found that using subliminal with song make it easier for the subliminal to really take effect.

Everybody is an expert when it comes to singing, miming and telling what is what. With subliminal messages in the mix it becomes impossible to tell why we believe what we believe when left unaware of the subliminal used.

We have all seen the performers lips not matching the song. In video's, in film, sitcoms, series on TV. Yet these are multi million pounds productions and should not suffer from syncing problems, it therefore appears deliberate.

However people believe what they are told and do not realize or are not aware that subliminal messages have been used to do the telling.

It is all that is remembered in peoples minds, regardless of what they saw they will believe that a person sang because of subliminal messaging tricking our third eye that reads memory, not because a person sang.

OK in the first place they used a recorded song that was recorded illegally. One major reason for the use of subliminal messages is to establish two things.

1, the person who is presented as the singer is actually singing when they are actually miming.

2, the song was released before it premiered. Publicity would be spread about these song's release before they were released in the case of Finley Quay one of the songs reached number 3 in Top of The Pops' chart despite it yet being sang, the song was not played even though it was number 3 in the charts!

The profound thing about these presentations is that the original singer of the song also believes these subliminals so assume they could not have sang that song, that way there is nobody to contest their 'star'.

People like Chris Black, George Harrison, Polydor and many others would put the word out somebody's releasing a song without the song existing. Claim it was sold out until it did exist.

When John Lennon said the beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ his stuff was burned, ( I and a few friends remember him saying 'I am Jesus Christ')
Beatles1 Beatles2

The same reaction was not found when Liam Gallager from Oasis said the same thing, this is an example of the power of television and it's subtle influence on our world

I do not mean to offend Rock fans but it was Rock and Heavy Metal that gave rise to people making the sign of the beast with their hands and taking on the 'I love Satan' attitude, this has been perpetuated through our culture and we may even find ourselves, our mothers or our friends making this gesture, I believe this to be in the interests of the men up top.

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