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Response to my complaint:

I wrote a letter of complaint concerning my treatment by doctors, permanent after effects of forced 'treatment' and the way and manner in which I was detained. The following is all I received in response.

I appriciate that most doctors want to do right by their patients, I have a great respect for doctors and nurses working in the medical field, they save lives and improve the quality of lives for millions of people every day, I am not against the medical establishment, However I think we should really consider the following points.

Doctors Are Over Worked!
When a human being becomes tiered they become more likely to make mistakes, this is often the case and the results can be fatal, doctors should be well rested and discouraged from working long hours.

Doctors Have Too Much Power!
When a doctor recommends a treatment the patient will always find it hard to say no, basic psychology has known this for years, we take on the 'role' that is appropriate and as patients we tend to assume the doctors are right, after all they are better educated on medical matters than we are and are working in our best interests, few people will go against a financial adviser and when it comes to our personal health humans tend to be less willing to take a gamble. However in recent years cases are arising where the doctor has more say over what happens to a patient than the patient themselves or the guardian of the patient as was the case with the young boy with a brain tumor who's mother wanted him to see eastern practitioners rather than our western practitioners as she believed he would have a better chance of surviving, we will soon release a petition to allow people the choice of whether to accept treatment as it is our conscience and our health that will be effected greatly in the long run, let us be answerable for our decisions whether right or wrong!

From my experience being sectioned mental health doctors work under an assumption that anything that is new to them is crazy i.e. they know it all, unfortunately this is not the case, if the did know it all then many of the so called mad people today would be seen as reasonable 'It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a sick society'.

My doctors should have had to prove I was mentally ill by giving me the voice test I asked for before sectioning me, they would have then seen that my frustrations were fair, just and reasonable and would realize I am an asset to society and 'am trying to help myself I am a danger to nobody and a blessing to those who are willing to accept truth as truth.

Laws are being brewed to give doctors the power to section people in their own homes, now without going through all of the moral issues of this I will summarize by saying: 'If a person is so say CRAZY in their own home not only do they have the right to be so but there are very few examples where they will be a danger to others'. I would be more worried about doctors, their attitudes and their drugs than I would a mad man in his own home. This brings me to my next point.

It seems more apparent than ever before that the medication provided by doctors and pharmacies are full of complex chemical compounds, many of which are in the drugs we take to stop the drugs we take causing server adverse effect that would be experienced by tacking the active ingredient on it's own. Modern drugs do not seem as effective as ancient natural medicines derived from plants, and or including healthy; eating, living and thinking.

The Pharmaceutical Industry
There is more evidence than ever before that these companies are more interested in profit and fame than they are in truley helping the common person, the medical industry appears to be ran by masons and business men with very litle respect for God, doctors are trained as doctors mainly by achieving results in exam's and practical exercises that fit with the mainstream view of medicine, most GP's and doctors have their hands tied by insurance policies as to the drugs recommended.

'The Drugs Don't Work', many drugs address the symptoms of problems without addressing the problems themselves, this is a major flaw that most educated people can understand as fatal.

There are two different types of doctor
Respectable Doctor, Doctor makes a heart pump but will not install it as the doctor wishes to perfect and test it before installing it in anybody.

Non Doctor, Doctor installs heart pump, becomes famous for being the first person to install it successfully, patient lives for 3 hours before they die, it's realized that the pump would be better used as a bi-pass rather than a replacement heart.

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