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Who Am I?

I am a Sixtie's baby. I know Myself to be a singer and have sang many songs. That's me, however, unfortunately for us my songs were recorded and sold to us as somebody else crazy right? Impossible right? well I am here to prove to you what you already know. Firstly I must pay respect to you as a person. You, we, us have a power that cannot be measured. your word. The words we use determine whats recorded in our minds and in history, our words become the record and like a machine being programmed your words become recorded on others. Our words are powerful and can become programs that do unlimited things even make the human brain run against its best interest, giving away its files and even having its processor utilized for malicious purpose.

What happened to me proves this is not only possible but is being used in everyday life... but how can I be sure I hear you ask... before I tell you it is important that you understand subliminals

I have made this site as my voice to the people and a chance for people to have their say on real matters

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