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For as long as I can remember I have been recorded. When I was younger I could not explain what was happening, all I knew is that I had sang songs that were being attributed to other people, of course this left me feeling confused and caused me to question my own sanity, of course everybody that I told also questioned my mental health.

In 1998 I watched a presentation, TFI Friday presented by Chris Evans on this presentation I saw Finley Quay singing and put claim to 'his' album, nothing unusual. However I soon watched the presentation for a second time, this was a tape given to Mirijam Koornstra&aposs friend Julie by a friend of Ryan Williams (ring a bell), (Mirijam was my girlfriend at the time) I sat to watch this tape at my girlfriend&aposs, I felt that I had seen it before I left the room almost as soon as it started and went into the hall, I started to question where I had seen this presentation before, the words I CAN'T REMEMBER resonated in my mind, I battled these words and told myself of course I can remember, it was not that long ago. Finally the mist lifted and not only could I remember where and when I saw the presentation but I remembered the subliminal presentation I was told to forget (Please Read: The Presentation, later on in this page) as well as this I remembered the eight months I was lead up in bed with a broken foot (Please read: My Foot, later on, on this page) and most importantly I remembered where and when I had sang these songs (My Flat Thursday July 16th 1998), Crazy Right? I'm watching TFI Friday and there is a so called 'star' apparently singing a song that I now remember singing.

Ok so I went a bit of the rails I was frustrated with telling people that I sang the song, the voice on the album was mine and we had all been subliminally influenced by an innocent and 'fun' show TFI Friday which everybody loved, as you can imagine nobody believed me, (no surprise).

My brother and my girl friend at the time (Please read more on: My Girl Friend at The Time, later on in this page) took me to the BRI A&E, they were concerned for my mental health, I went wanting to make the point that I am just asking for a voice test, this does not make me crazy. I just wanted a voice test and to take the money made back from the people who stole my voice, I left A&E frustrated. The next day I was taken down by four police officers.

I was committed, I was put into a mental home despite the person who committed me (my girlfriend) not knowing me for the six months necessary to commit me, as far as the doctors were concerned I was 'mental' I continued to insist that a voice test would prove not only my sanity, but that the population was being brainwashed by the television and entertainment companies.

Whilst in 'hospital' I received two injections one was a sedative, the other was 'mad drugs for mad people' or at least that's what the doctor told me it was called, I am still trying to find out what this drug was. All I know is that when I eventually left hospital I could not speak, my voice was messed up, this is a big thing for a vocalist, particularly when I used to sound so good and now wanted a voice test.

I continued my pursuit of a voice test despite it feeling like the whole world was against me, eventually I got one and even I was taken back by the results after my voice had been doctored I still matched the song enough for a forensics linguistics expert to conclude significant copying had occurred, He also concluded that my voice had been used for wholesale reproduction, however my flat was broken into and the lines referring to wholesale reproduction were removed from the report and the report was tapped back together, I assume this was a deterrent, I don't know why they didn't just take the whole report. Any way I was happy I had all the evidence I needed to prove that I sang the songs, it was my voice all over the album I had scientific evidence to prove, it nobody could call me crazy now right.. wrong?

I thought I would be able to go to court win some compensation and get the rest of the artists that had used my voice tested and confirmed (Please read: My Solicitors to find out why this was not the case). I thought the case was in the bag, even after having my voice permanently damaged I still matched the songs much closer than the 'star' who was said to sing them. I thought that this story could be used as evidence to the mass brain washing that was going on, for; had I not remembered the subliminal presentation from TFI Friday with Chris Evens I would have also believed Finley Quack umm I mean Quay sang these songs hence I wouldn't have questioned it, so who would have? ...Nobody!.. ...The perfect crime right?

I am as confident as I was with Finley Quay that other 'artists' have never sang a note, I remember seeing subliminal presentations for them and I am questing to get them voice tested, to name and shame these frauds, and hopefully bring an end to our brainwashed Idol Adornment so there it is that's the basics of my story please help by Donating some change.

The question we should be asking ourselves is not has brainwashing occurred? but how brainwashed are we?

Specifics of my story

Where I was recorded:

I was recorded from practically every house I have ever lived in.

The Presentation - What I Saw:

July 17th 1998 I turned on the telly at 8:00pm. It opened on channel 4 T.F.I. Friday. Chris Evans introduced Finley Quay. I Watched Finley Get up on stage.

Whilst he was mounting the stage, what I can only describe as a voice, introduced itself as a guide to the following entertainment.

This voice was set at a subliminal level, below conscious hearing and was more heard within our heads rather than at a conscious level.

"If you really want to see something special, watch carefully and don't blink until I say blink".

Finley Quay was on stage by this time. The background to the stage was made up of multiple T.V. 's across the back of the stage with Finley on all the monitors.

As the song started, the scene switched. Finley Quay was shown with his mouth obviously not moving whilst a recording of me was played back.

" See I AM singing (without moving my mouth), I am god. Watch my fingers". So I watched his fingers move in a deliberate way. "Now watch my feet".

At that point I was hesitant and wanted to see what the fingers did. But the instruction to watch the feet came almost like a command from God, obey or face the consequences so I watched the feet.

The feet were moving in fast motion. Obviously this could not be live and was made already.

Still the messages we got was that this was his normal speed of dancing. When the speed of motion of his feet was returned to normal he stated he is bored and sped right up again.

In the speeding back up period a strobe light was employed originating from his feet.

Then I saw Finley Quay walk across the stage still obviously not singing, his head was still and his mouth was fixed whilst the recording is being played.

During this time the camera man at the time turned from the main stage as though he knew subliminals were in the play.

He showed the crowd of people standing perfectly still watching intently with a serious sort of glare. He passed the crowed and showed where Chris Evans was seated upstairs.

Chris Evans was smiling in his chair as though he knew. In my opinion. Then it cut back to Finley on stage.

I never counted the steps or how long this scene lasts for, but I guess 39 steps with a still head on a moving, stepping body.

All the time the guide is telling us that Finley Quay is singing when he obviously was not.

Then Finley starts to move his mouth to the recording along with his backing singers. From this point it seems that Finley Quay IS actually singing as he mimes along.

From this point we are told and shown all about Finley Quaye. How he has millions from the release of the album in 1997. How he has sold millions of records.

We are told to look into the dark part of the stage.

In the dark at a subliminal level were album covers of "Maverick a Strike" These cascaded down. Showing millions of the same cover as though it was already released.

Then the guide asked if you can remember May, in my head I said yes, then he asked do you remember Dec, Nov, Sept I was answering yes in my head because I did. It seemed like he was mapping it.

Then the guide said I am going to make you forget the beginning. I said no chance.

Then the guide said:

"Remember all the subliminal messages from when you realize Finley Quay is singing and this last subliminal first. Not now but back here eight months back in your mind".

I said "What's that". The guide said "I can't remember".

As he said "I can't remember". I said "No don't do...". The guide said "I can't remember". "I can't remember".

He said "I can't remember" three times. Each time getting loader and more assertive. "I can't remember" I said. Then it was followed by a laugh. A really 'feel good' laugh.

We lost at least eight months memory to this action

We were all still watching the dark part of the stage the songs and strobe lighting are still in force.

Then they showed Finley acting as if he is still singing on stage.

(For a long time our brains were tired by not blinking. By this point we all wanted the presentation to be over for there were at least 6 songs played. One of which was I think at least thirteen minutes long).

During this period our guide is giving instructions for when we wake up and what to do directly after the show which is to go straight home for a good nights sleep.

Also add instructions for when we wake up the next day.

We are slowly brought back to consciousness. Then it's all over. Everybody gone home because it is tiring to be brainwashed for forty five minutes, not blinking and loosing eight months memory.

That's why people fall asleep in front of the thing and wake up not remembering what they were watching. (Side view).

My Foot:

A forklift truck disabled my left foot from a staged prank at work when I was 19. The foreman made the prank a condition of employment. The prank was called Herman's forks. (Simon says) on and off the forks. I was so brainwashed I joined in and got trapped by the forks crossbar towards the back of the forks, which bent my left foot and broke the ankle. I got no compensation for it.


I have had a few women and have 3 lovely children from them. I am not with any of my girlfriends now and I feel it's because of subliminals.

Designed to bring together then break up relationships for material of songs and for the sale of goods. If a family stay together they would only need 1 washing machine. Split up a family of 4 and you sold another 3 on top. Give me something to sing about.

The failure of my personal relationships made me feel worthless and almost committed suicide 1989. Not only because I felt worthless for losing everything including my voice but because subliminal were being broadcast by T.V. that indeed instructed people to kill themselves by any means possible and played on our worth.

If you could not do it, subliminal have been known to work by telling us to kill somebody else, a family member or a stranger, then when you see yourself do it, look what you done. You could do it to them, do it to yourself. (Do not listen to these kind of thoughts we as humans generally love each other very much)

My Girlfriend at The Time:

I should explain I believed I was in love with this girl. In fact the album "Maverick a Strike" is all about this girl. Everything I was doing was for me and this girl. The album I sang was so I would be in a position to marry this girl.

Miriam was a district nurse, a week after I remembered the subliminal presentation she came back from shopping with 5 new CD's one of which was "Maverick a Strike" I questioned her, she claimed she had bought this one CD in December we argued about it and she insisted I see a Dr. I should have left her there and then but I felt sorry for her. Anyway she went away to Thailand for a pre booked trekking holiday. When she came back I laid it on her I wanted a voice test done.

Unfortunately for me, this girl in my opinion was brainwashed to believe Finley Quay had sung this album and that she had purchased this album 6 months before she had purchased it (I have checked the record shop where she thinks she bought it they said they were waiting on supplies at this time).

When she came back from Thailand she had lost the bag with the CD's in. We went out for a drink and ended up arguing. Me saying a voice test will prove it and her saying I am mentally ill. I went to A & E to say to them can I be mentally ill if I am seeking a voice test? Obviously it did not matter what I said she was a district nurse with half of a degree claiming I had lost the plot.

She signed the section papers. She help put a stop to my court case. She has a lot to answer for in my opinion. I have mixed with all kinds of people and been through being threaten, attacked and beaten up. Being sectioned under section 2 was the worse thing that ever happened to me bar brainwashing.

Details of "Maverick a Strike":

The titles, could have been copyrighted in 1997 but the recording was done on July 16th 1998. It was released at number three in the charts with no album in 1997. "Maverick a Strike" was featured on Top of the Pops without the song played. Number three in the charts Finley Quay. No songs or video at that time was played.

At the premier (Glastonbury pop festival, Friday 17th July) the crowd was brainwashed in the same field they stood in to believe Finley Quay is singing and has made money already from the album sung.

I presume that is the case as I saw the presentation on Channel 4, TFI Friday presented by Chris Evans that evening 8:00 pm. Which left me happily believing when I woke the next morning, I can't remember. Three times I tried to remember but could not, all I could remember was Finley Quay sung my vocals earlier for my reference point in my memory was overwritten by I can't remember .

When I was trying to take this case to court Channel 4 presented falsified evidence of 'Finley Quay' in a tent at Glastonbury to support SONY and Polydor's claims to copyright. I know it was falsified because 1) My voice was used, not Finley Quaye&aposs, 2) The tent was completely empty, 3)I have a voice test proving he never sang a note and most of all, 4) When asked for the time Finley Quay apparently not only responded with the time but the date as well, how often does anybody do that?!

Further evidence that this album has no copyright can be found with My Voice Test and My page on Finley Quay and Maverick a Strike.

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