Who Am I? Brainwashed? Understanding Subliminals Subliminals Dont Work?! 9/11/01
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Subliminals do not work?!

Some people claim that subliminals don't work, if this is the case how is it that so many sober, non weed smoking, TV watching people can't remember and more than that how is it that they are happy when they don't remember something, Does that sound right? When knowledge is power and we 'can't remember', where is our power. One must have access to knowledge if that knowledge is to be put to use, "I Cant Remember" is blocking that and, without access to our knowledge it lies dormant and unused so our power as human beings is severely diminished from it's magnificent potential.

The christmas calender shown in Understanding Subliminals shows that subliminals are very much in use, I pose the question if they did not work why use them on kids?!

Some people think that subliminals only effect the weak minded, well test your strength below! if you cannot see that both
A and B squares on the chess board below are exactly the same colour, then you can be effected.
when removed from the chess board they appear as shown on the left don't believe me take a screen shot
and edit it in paint to check for yourself, it's the only way to really know
Please remember this is the tip of an iceberg that has become and art and a science.

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