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I always believed that copywrite came about to protect the singer. Here is why I never went to court.

Meet my solicitor Richard Edwards AKA Slap Head

I approached Humphreys and Co Solicitors with my dilemma, I knew my voice had been used on many different tracks but had no way to prove it, through legal aid I was able to obtain a voice test from DR Peter Wright, this was done through my solicitors in a completely above board manner, Dr Peter Wright who is a leading forensic linguistic expert found that my normal speaking voice matched all twelve tracks on the album in question between a 75 and 99 % accuracy, the well known "star" who the masses believe sang the song matched a mere 30%. Remember this test is done using phonetics, it's based on the way a person sounds their words, this is unique to each person, true you can sound like somebody else,... ...kinda,.. ...to the human ear, but under scientific analysis large discrepancies will be found. Dr Wright's conclusion was that my voice had been used for wholesale reproduction and that significant copying had occurred. Now considering Osama Bin Laden's identity was verified by a voice test whereby a tape was played to his sister, a lay man in the voice testing world, I thought that an expert analysis of my voice would be ample evidence to take this case to court and to be attributed with the vocal talent I executed the night I was recorded... ...Wrong! It seems SONY with the help of Polydor had got copyright for the song 8 months previous to the date I claimed to sing it. Now how is this possible you may ask? easy you can copyright a song 8 months before it is produced as long as you have the title.

Despite me telling my solicitors Humphreys & Co to check the receipts and they will not find one copy sold before July 1988 they thought that me answering a questionnaire as to how Polydor could have 'released' or copywrote the song 8 months previous would help. It didn't, they said all of my explanations were highly unlikely like the fact my neighbors who I saw the next morning outside my flat smiling and waving a CD at me could have recorded me. Humphreys and Co deliberately set out and worded a questionnaire twisting the results to discredit me and make me loose hope of ever proving my case in court. They went as far to discredit Dr Wright's Analysis on the basis that they did not believe I could be recorded from my flat, they claimed I was biased in my answers of the questionnaire.... ....um really.... ....think about it.... ...I was just answering questions as openly and truthfully as I could.

My solicitors, the people that were supposed to represent me namely RICHARD EDWARDS built an airy un-precise case against me built on their own so called opinions. It is worth noting my solicitor has written books for banks (I would think he would check records of sale) one such book sells for £1600 per copy yet he could not or would not bring to reasonable doubt the date of production of this record enough to enter a court room, they left me to confirm with my local record shop that sales had not commenced until after the date I stated I sang for the record (by the way they confirm that they were waiting on supplies at the time when one of my 'friend' claimed she bought the record, how is this possible? My solicitor's attitude when receiving news of the voice test was very keen however by the time I returned it was an attitude of 'who cares' and 'get lost you have nothing' from what I can see it was clear the spineless money grabbing slap head he was and still is was paid more money for discouraging me than he would have got for winning my case. A solicitor not interested in justice is below the standard of a reasonable man and should be viewed as the money addicted waste of flesh he is, may the almighty rectify this slap head through whatever means necessary, he holds the weight of dooming this country for the specifics about this case reveal so much more than the copy wrong of this one album just read My Story to find out more.

My final point in this section is that a recording is timeless, if you use equipment from the 1950's with tapes made in 1950 it would be damn near impossible to prove it was recorded just yesterday this point should be worked into the law of copyright for music and film particularly so that the date of copyright is trivia against a professional forensic analysis of the signer's voice.

Below is a copy of the final report I received from my solicitors please read Carefully with your mind sharp, think about it

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